Personal Experience: An Accident and a Cowboy, The Horse Essay

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Prologue Some people might come up to me every now and then and ask me if I am alright now, and some who don’t know me ask what happened. They have heard about me on the news, but have not heard all the details. I am used to the constant questioning, though, as much of it has died off now. I have been counting, exactly four months since the day my life turned around. I am much better now. I actually am all better. My life is exactly the same as before the incident. I am still living with my family, I go to the same school, I still have all my pets, and most importantly I and my horse, Cowboy, are perfectly healthy again. I do not look the same, for I and my horse were stranded for about four months. I have lost weight-I now weigh 81…show more content…
The Run Hi, I am Anna. I am a thirteen year girl who is fearless, but cautious. My horse, as you know, is Cowboy. He is a fast, quarter horse, mustang mix. On a Thursday afternoon, I told my mom I was going out for a quick ride. I saddled my horse up and, as I usually do, put a bucket and a water bottle on the side of the saddle, just in case I ever got lost. I thought I never would, but I strapped it on anyway. In the bucket was a couple of snacks for me and some snacks for Cowboy. I was even almost positive nothing would ever go wrong. But, was I wrong? I jumped on him and walked down the hill onto the road. Instead of turning right for the main road, I turned left, for some change. On the left side, it is more rural and open with many trees. There is not a lot of paved road. There are many houses, but once you get to a certain point, you won't see them anymore. As I was starting to ride, I saw a very tight and mysterious trail. I pulled Cowboy into the trail and I started to run him. To my surprise, he bolted, faster than ever, and before I could pull the rein to stop him, he turned a turn I have never imagined or seen. I looked behind me, quivering with fear of where I was. I could still see some of the main road, where a car was passing at the time. I tightly turned him around, sure of myself I would get back to the mainroad. We started towards the main road, when Cowboy spooked. I didn’t

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