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Being a first-time freshman is exciting and intimidating at the same time, for me it is higher than the average because I do not usually adventure beyond the set path. This is why I appreciate my friends, who are thrill seekers and tag me along with them. At the California State University of Bakersfield, I have found the freedom to break away from the set path by following the trail on an Outdoor Adventure and experiencing the Piedra Blanca Formation Hike. My friend Ana* had invited me to accompany her on this hike because of the accessibility of the trip. The trip was priced ten dollars which is a bargain compared to the amazing excursion my friends and I were on. *(I am changing my friend’s name for their privacy) This trip included the transportation from the University to the Piedra Blanca Formation, and lunch. The day of the trip I was feeling sick and I did consider canceling but I decided I was not feeling too sick and the fresh air would help. I was waiting for my friend Ana and as she picked me up she invited me to grab a special Starbucks drink called the medicine ball, it is a mix of different herbal teas, which surprisingly did help me feel better. We arrive at the university parking lot and there are around ten other people ready to head out and we are all adrenalized and nervous to go on the trip. My friend Ana and I were preparing our snacks to head out and as we are boarding the van we meet the two other passengers, who were the trip leaders. Both were
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