Personal Experience: Bad Hand Writing Essay

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I always prefer writing my paper on Word document because I have a terrible handwriting. When I was young, I did learn about beautiful handwriting. However, I’m not very patient, so I don’t like spending too much time on having my handwriting pretty. Therefore, even in elementary school, my handwriting scores were usually the worst. Because of my horrible handwriting, my mother sometimes got upset but I could not improve myself with that. She always told me when I grow up, I eventually have to fill out job applications, cover letters, etc. Therefore, as the employer never interviews applicants and the first things they see are handwritten application forms, those who have good handwriting will have such an advantage. Lucky for me, now with…show more content…
Fourth, I’m quite hot-tempered so whenever I do not feel good, I write what I felt there and no one knows. In my opinion, I think having a journal like that is a good way to calm myself because I can put all my anger there and think clearer about the situation before doing something I might regret later. Besides, sometimes when I reread my journal, I can see how hot-tempered I was and I will try to think of a different solutions for that problem. I am the writer who always procrastinates to write a paper. There are many reasons for that such as I am too lazy, I have no idea what to write, or maybe I know that I will have to spend so much time on that paper. Because I’m rarely good at writing (I believe so), I usually have to spend time online finding and trying to understand different angles of that topic. For me, writing is hard work, I consider it much harder than science courses. I could understand these subjects with the given examples in the text books and relate those examples on homework problems. Sadly, that doesn’t apply for writing because there is no example of a perfect writing and I cannot relate others’ writings to my paper since no one has the same story or opinion. Nonetheless, reading is my hobby. I enjoy reading because I have a good imagination (I just don’t know how to put my imagination on paper. If humans can create a machine/device that puts imagination onto paper, in writings or images, it
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