Personal Experience: Hindu Weddings

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Have you ever gone to a wedding that was outside of the norm for you – how was your experience? Weddings are events that connect the bond of love between two people for the rest of their lives. There are countless options and ways to get married and each have their own traditions. Indian weddings are very traditional and are a very big celebration. As Marriage Clix exclaims, “Indian weddings tend to be very vibrant and elaborate affairs” (Indian Wedding Blog). Indian weddings are definitely an amazing event because they have a vast variety of cultural traditions that are performed, the luxuries are quite exquisite, and the arrangements and pre/after parties are very exciting. To start off, the grandeurs of Hindu weddings are quite interesting. In many Hindu weddings, the bride and groom’s apparel is very cultural and elegant. The bride wears a long intricately designed dress that is wrapped. It is called a saree or a lehenga. The bride’s outfit will usually be in red and white, and so will the groom’s, because red is the most auspicious color in the Hindu religion as it resembles the color of a new life. The groom will also wear a traditional outfit called a sherwani, and formal headdress called a sehra. Flowers are integrated majorly in Hindu weddings. They are used during a Pooja, which is the worship of the various Hindu gods, as a sign of respect and prayer so that the gods will protect their family and household, bestowing prosperity. Divya Patwari states that “Indian
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