Personal Experience: Home Made Fertilizer and Inorganic Fertilizer

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Introduction: My family and I do a lot of traveling and while traveling we pass through rural communities where the people have to grow their own food as they do not have enough income to buy their own food. Some of these people, however, still use fertilizer in order to increase the rate of production and total yield produced. Those people who use a form of fertilizer to feed their plants, they generally use cattle manure or home-made fertilizer. At home we used to use inorganic fertilizers on our plants as they are easier to use and easily available at any garden shop, however, we have started to use the new Bokashi medium as fertilizer as it is better for the environment and it also reduces food waste. Food waste is reduced as the leftover food is used to create a liquid which can be used as a fertilizer as it is full of the nutrients left in the leftover food. I started to think about which fertilizer would work best: According to my research on the difference between inorganic and organic fertilizers, the organic fertilizers work so well because they supply the plants with the nutrients required for growth immediately. However, the organic fertilizers such as cattle manure work so well because they enrich the soil with humus allowing for nutrients to form naturally, which will last. I was interested in which of these fertilizers would produce the best crop in a set period of time, as this would help figure out which fertilizer is best to use in the garden. Research

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