Personal Experience: How Triangle Changed My Life

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I rushed Triangle the first opportunity that I got, so fall semester of my freshman year. To put it simply I joined because I figured it was practical and I liked the guys that I had met to that point. My first exposure to the fraternity was about a week before I had even started my first classes at State at a program called Leadership Advantage (LA).

Writing this now I am actually preparing to head back to MSU to begin training to help facilitate LA for my 3rd time and I can’t wait for it to begin! Both programs have had a major impact on my time at MSU and likely the rest of my life. LA at its core is a camp/orientation for incoming freshmen to learn about what engineering at MSU has to offer and make some friends before classes start up. Traditionally most if not all the male facilitators are brothers in Triangle. These, my, brothers are the first men in the chapter that I met and I thought they were awesome. Several of them would come to hold the same title as I do now and one of them is my fraternal big brother. I knew next to nothing about Greek Life and what is had to offer or entailed; but if I was going to spending my time with these guys and turn out to be like them when I reached upperclassmen status I knew it would be worth it because they had their shit together.
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Despite getting a bad rap from national news and many local/campus groups Greek Life has a lot to offer and the picture they may have painted is not the whole thing. I have learned so much and grown so much as a man with my time as a Greek Triangle man. I have gained skills like time management, public speaking, interpersonal communication, leadership, and the list goes
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