Personal Experience In High School

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I was dodging students like I was a car and they were the deer that had just been caught in headlights. Running fast, as if my name had all of the sudden been changed to none other than Usain Bolt. Breathing so heavily you would’ve thought I was being chased after by a crowd of angry, smelly, ginormous teenage bullies, but oh wait, I was. For me, new schools come as often as an update to a computer, which as you know can be about the most annoying thing in the world. If this were elementary school I would’ve been able to walk right in, say my name and favorite Hot Wheels car, and instantly had 20 new friends. But this was high school, and unfortunately things weren’t as sunshine and rainbows as they were back then.
By the time I had gotten to my new school, everyone had already formed their clicks from their years of friendship. You have your classic ones: Jocks, Prom queens, Nerds, Drunkies, and the people who were so shy they didn’t say a single word. Sadly for me there wasn’t already a Loser, Freak, Nerd, Outcast group to join, so I made one myself. Unlike other cliques, mine only consisted of just one person, me, myself, and I. Not having anyone else to watch out for you can be hard, though I had somehow managed to come my whole life with only one friend, myself. In situations like the one, I was about to find myself in, I realized another pal would’ve been nice to have.
I was in PE, just minding my own boring business, when I saw her staring at me. Now who is this
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