Personal Experience: Mediated Communication Among College Students

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A study found that “ between 25 and 50 percent of college students are currently in long-distance relationships” (page 44). The reason why this statistic may be so high is because of the mediated communication, or technology resources we have in this modern age . Because of this mediated communication we are able to synchronicity and have live chats and phone calls but yet still have richness and meaningful conversations with our partners. An example of my personal experience is my long distance relationship that I had with my ex boyfriend when he was in the Navy. We met in June of 2014 and he left for basic training and further training in August. We only knew each other for a few months but decided to continue the relationship. When he…show more content…
He had training from 5am to 8pm, 6 days a week so communication was very important in our relationship. We mainly texted or left voice mails because of the time difference and daily schedules we didn't have much synchronicity in our conversations. But I did visit him every other month and it felt like such a fresh of breath air because I felt like I was always attached to my phone because I didn't wanna miss a call or a live chat from him. Our long distance relationship was surprisingly well. It wasn't until he came back home that we started having difficulties and 7 months after coming home we broke…show more content…
It wasn't until my ex was home that I came to realize that his words meant nothing because his actions never fulfilled what he would say. If we would have had more face to face communication I think I would have rethought the relationship. I would have never dated a man who never followed through with his actions. But unfortunately that is one of the downsides of a long-distance relationship and/or only a asynchronous communication. My personal opinion is you don't know a person truly unless you are face to face with the
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