Personal Experience: Montclair Unified Filipino American Student Association

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Now that I have completed my first half of the semester in Montclair State University, I feel like I have accomplished a lot within these past few weeks. My goals for this semester was to start off academically strong, make new friends, trying new things, find a major, and getting out of my comfort zone. So far, I have accomplished more than half of my goals. I am doing well in my classes, exploring new places, and I met the greatest group of people I can be friends with.
My friend from high school and I both joined a club called MUFASA, which stands for Montclair Unified Filipino American Student Association. Before joining the club, my friend and I were still struggling trying to meet new people and make friends in Montclair. But we both
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Practices were held on random classes rooms in University Hall and we would all practice at night. Hearing the schedule, sounded mangeable to me because I could get my homework done before practices but I did not realize it was much more stressful than I thought. Being in a mixed group of people who know how to dance and did not, made it very time consuming in learning the dance moves, especially since we had to have three dances by Homecoming. But during those two weeks of learning the dances and getting to know people, were the best weeks I have experienced in Montclair. I was able to meet new people who I have gotten really close with and I was able to discover that my ability to dance well. What was difficult was trying to balance my homework and submitting them on time. But with a lot of sacrificing and energy, MUFASA was able to pull off a successful Homecoming performance which we won “Most…show more content…
Through this I was able to meet new people and learn new ways into managing my time with school work. Two lessons I have learned out of this experience is to definitely try new things in college even if it scares you and if you make a mistake you should never give up and keep trying until you succeed. These new lesson will help me, especially being a first year student, is that life is better when you go out of your comfort zone. If I had to change one thing about my “Homecoming” experience, it would be that I wished we had more than two weeks to practice so we could perfect the dances but other than that I am glad that Montclair has opportunities like this for students to help them get active on campus and do other activities besides
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