Personal Experience : My Experience At High School

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I was greeted as soon as I entered the school, with a
“Welcome to the secondary campus!” from a teacher I was unfamiliar with. It was the first day of sixth grade, and I was entering a brand new school for my middle school years. I was confidently wearing my new pink Hollister collared shirt and a pair of all white Nike kicks. It was the first time my mother had ever let me get shoes with white soles, because I was prone to getting sneakers dirty. I had a lesser likelihood of that this year, because unfortunately we no longer had recess, which previously had stained any shoe of mine from the mulch. I was considerably early, so when I headed to my homeroom I got the first choice of seat. This was one of the perks of being older, you
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My doctor told me I was gonna be six foot when I was older! I was already really tall for my age, unlike the other girls in my grade. Especially unlike the boys of my grade, they were all short and didn’t seem to have grown at all over the summer. Except for Noah of course.
Mrs. Dent went on about what to expect from the class, and everyone listened with open ears and somewhat quiet mouths. Until something happened that I never had expected to take place and had never occurred to me before. I was just given a phone over the summer, my mom thought I was getting of age and needed to be able to communicate with her whenever I needed. So I was not used to having it near me, and especially wasn’t familiar with turning it on silent whenever we were in class. My phone loudly *dinged* from a text I had received from my grandmother, that I would later see was wishing me a great first day of school. The class went silent, everyone’s head turned to my direction, including the teacher’s. There was a moment of silence, and I did my best to not look guilty. But Mrs. Dent said
“Alright who’s phone was that…”
I raised my hand.
“Give it here.”
She said the words I had prayed in that split second she wouldn’t say. My cheeks flushed and my throat went dry. I got the phone out of my pocket and silently handed it to her. I believed my future for this class was doomed, I had made a bad impression on the first day. I would further be known as
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