Personal Experience : My Experience In High School

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I graduated highschool a year early. I was seventeen years old and it was in the year of 2015. I decided in January 2015 that I was ready to be done with my high scool career,so I went to talk to my counselor and expressed to her that I was ready to walk the stage as soon as possible. The counselor starred at her desktop and got to work for about five to ten mintes, then she looked at me and said "Well, alright the earliest you can graduate is August 2015." I think I may have just stared at her blankly for a second, but I snapped back to reality and became eager to know the steps I would need to take to make this happen. Fast forward to the end of the school year, while everyone is excited for summer break, I was excited to enroll in my summer courses and get the ball rolling for graduation. August approached very quickly and before I knew it I was walking across a stage with a navy blue, silver, and white cap and gown on. The smile on my face was as bright as the sun and I walked with my chest as high as Mount Everest; I was proud. Now, that I had graduated I needed to figure out what I wanted to make of my life. I quickly thought of the military because that is what I was used too. I lived in Killeen, Tx, which is the surrounding city of Fort Hood. Almost everyone in Killeen was either in the military, parent's were in the military, or retired from the mlitary, so this was the norm of the city. September 2015 I reached out to SSG Grey, a recruiter in Harker Heights, TX.
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