Personal Experience : My Experience Of A High School Experience

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I never truly did have a high school experience, sure I had a dozen or so friends, but my relationships with them lacked depth. We may have seen each other on the weekends and laughed at each other’s jokes, but in the end it was entirely meaningless. We had almost nothing in common besides the fact that we attended the same school. The only reason I had made friends with them in the first place was simply out of necessity, after all, no one wants to be that kid that sits alone at the lunch table. Had we not become friends, each and every one of us would have been that kid.
Most of my friends weren’t academically gifted, not thru any fault of their own, after all, they were always busy with their egos. I was a different case entirely, I had an extreme lack of confidence in almost anything I had done, and they didn’t help my situation. During my stay at high school, I never genuinely applied myself. Teachers would consistently tell me about how much my grades would improve if I simply attend classes regularly in body and spirit. I always shrugged them off and figured that as long as I skirt the line, I’ll be fine. I thought to myself, “After all, I had passed through school all these years using the same method, so why wouldn’t it work now?”
Despite my low attendance and lack of effort, teachers still enjoyed my presence and would always say that the few times that I was in their classes, that I added a lot to their lessons. I considered these teachers my true friends, not my
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