Personal Experience: My Hero's Journey

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Day 1: Today when I was outside to see my friends, they weren’t there. I went to my friend’s house, Alisha, to ask her where she was and she had tears dripping all over her face. She said men had taken her father away. As I tried to go inside to comfort her, strange men started barging through the door. I ran to her room and now I am in her closet. I hear the men walking past me and I see their face. I put my book in my shirt.

Day 2: They threw me in the ship with Alisha. When we looked around there was about a thousand other kids and woman there. When the ship started moving my skin scraped on the cold hard wood and my arm started bleeding. One of the women there held my arm and put pressure on it so it would stop the blood. All I heard
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I got really sick from the cold air. Alisha isn’t here with me anymore. They separated us. Every night they come over to us and take the dead bodies of the people that died of disease and starvation. They throw their dead bodies overboard. Space is very limited. I have splinters and scratches all over my body from when the ship starts. The woman next to me is the nicest person on this ship. Her name is Sylvia. She got separated from her husband and daughter. I saw them take the men away. They packed them in with leg irons.

Day 2: The place that we are going to is supposedly called the new world. They have already taken many African Americans away to there. I saw Alisha the other day. She saw her mom who was on the ship. She said she saw mine too. I haven’t seen her the whole time we were here, but I wish I could.

Day 3: I saw Alisha again, but I didn’t see her in a good way. I saw the men carry her and throw her overboard. I can’t believe that people can actually do this. It’s horrible and I don’t know how they live with themselves. They have been taking away peoples things, including people’s clothes and books. I really hope they don’t see my diary and try to take it away, it’s the only thing I have. They are coming and they see it. Well, I guess this is my last diary entry. If you find this then I hope you know now how people suffered and how people treated other human beings because of their skin color.
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