Personal Experience: My Involvement in Higher Education

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My primary responsibility is faculty and staff development. In my first year, I developed our Coaching, Practice, and Reflection (CPR) program for new faculty. This program helps new faculty transition, focus on their teaching and begin developing relationships with potential mentors. This program also runs in conjunction with the services provided by Center for Teaching and Learning at the university. During the development of our latest strategic plan for the college, colleagues and I moved faculty and staff development from a function within my position to one of the five strategic priorities for 2013-2018. At this time, we are creating a faculty and staff development model that identifies four distinct developmental milestones over the first 10 years of a hire’s transition from novice to expert while continuously enhancing student learning. As a leader in the college, I feel it is a professional responsibility to discover opportunities for improvement as well as unleash the talent of our faculty and staff directly resulting in a healthier student experience.

My involvement in higher education would not be complete without my experiences as an instructor. For the past four years, I have taught Evaluation Strategies for Nursing Education in the MSN Nurse Educator option. This online course provides students the opportunity to learn evaluation concepts, including testing and measurement in nursing education at the didactic, clinical, and programmatic levels.
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