Personal Experience: NICU Nurse's Dilemma

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Dispatch informed me we had a NICU that was coming from fontana with the baby, isolet, and team dispatch told me that we also had to pick up a NICU nurse from sunset and since 125 was on a call we to prevent a delayed EAT and we came up with the plan to have the reserve go to sunset get Unit 52 and the nurse and drive to Southbay where an complete crew would meet them and they would swap rigs. My eta to sunset would have cause a 15 to 20 minute delay of 52 leaving and getting to southbay on time the reserve has ran NICUs before and since all she was doing was getting the unit and nurse i told her do not what for me if i hadn't made it on time. i told her if she had any issues to contact me asap so i could help walk her through itl. and…show more content…
this is were the problem started once unbolting the screws the NICU bar so slide out of place no problem but the crew could not get it to move and called me when this was going on. and even the NICU team could not get the bar to budge. i and then told come to immediately pull or relieve Unit 125 from there call and start them code 3 to southbay from downey and they had an eta of 20 to 25 mins. i then my ETA would have been over an hour as during the weekend there is only 1 manager on day and night to cover the whole county. i even though 125 was in route code 3 i stayed on the phone and was troubleshooting why this bar would not slide out. i had 1 crew member pulling on the bar while one was even kicking on the other side but it wouldn't…show more content…
i also instructed comm. to not cancel 125 and have them shadow the whole call just in case something else was to happen. which did. when the crew on 52 bolted down the gurney bars they placed them in the wrong mount on the ground because 52 has multiple mounts now due to an issue a couple months back when 52 wa the only rig to have a NICU bar adjusted longer to the back and would not fit in the other NICU units. so when they loaded the isolet inside the mounts were all off not allowing it to lock in place. at this time 125 pulled up a minute after and i told the crew on 52 to not even bother and move the gurney bars in the right place and just get the NICU on 125 and go. 125 was able to get the gurney in there unit with not issues and complete the call without anything else going wrong i had 52 follow behind 125 just in the case since everything was going wrong. it seemed almost inevitable. i instructed our crew to give the NICU team our managers cell number and to please call me we any question comments or
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