Personal Experience: Pre-Mandated Exercises

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Experience: I worked with Noah again this time around. We began by working with the same work comp guy from from the previous week. It was his final of PT, so he basically had to go through a bunch of pre-mandated exercises to determine to his workplace that his PT was effective and he was fit for his job again. He did some lifting on machines, picking up/setting down of weights, and band pulls, arm rotations, and other movements to test his strength and ROM. The guy was the type of person who didn’t fool around and really wanted to get back on the horse after his injury. He breezed through the exercises and was determined to be fully healthy. The next lady was a bit of a mixed bag. She basically hobbled in and was tense as could be. It was a struggle to move her around, …show more content…

She was just popping in to receive a traction machine for some issues she was having with her neck. Noah showed her how to set it up and use it. Basically there was a head board piece that you would strap yourself into. You then pump it and the head board begins moving up releasing tension and stretching the cervical vertebrae. For my fourth shadowing experience I was once again with Noah. The first guy we worked with was a just dealing with some back pain. We did exercises and ultrasound with him and sent him on his way. The next person we saw was a woman dealing with undetermined neck pain. It was causing her a lot of headaches and other problems. Noah gave her a nice massage for her neck and some ultrasound. While she was being treated, they had an interesting conversation about Noah’s experience in PT school. He was describing how despite his success in his undergraduate and strong interview, he was still waitlisted, while some really smart kids got in with comparative ease. He explained that a lot of those intelligent kids later dropped out, because in spite of their smarts, they lacked the same communication skills that Noah and other students

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