Personal Experience: Prostitution in the Black Market

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Thinking about SEX as a form of LOVE makes me wonder if the statement is true? I would like to believe so but does everyone else agree? In the first week of our module we discussed about ‘Making Love’ but we merely scratched the surface of it. A few see it as ‘making love’ but now it’s generally seen as having sex or ‘getting laid’. It is hard to define a statement this strong due to many cultural and media influences. The media in the west has portrayed sex as an activity with achievements. It has degraded the form of love. Even now does sex still mean love or has the idea of sex equals love always been a lie? Even the heart shape that we use to symbolize love was actually inspired by an artist from viewing a female’s ass while bending over. The interpretation of love given by the media is definitely wrong. I was raised in a Muslim Family and I was thought the value of a woman and her rights. Every Muslim is thought to have sex after marriage to value a woman’s virginity and her dignity, not to use or violate a woman. Studying abroad has made me see things which are morally wrong but are taken casually. Is this due to the surrounding environment or silent hynopthesim from western media? The media has made the idea of making love to one person a thing of the past. If you have never slept with anyone or have only slept with one person, you are considered inexperience in the eyes of the western society. Because of this way of thinking people do stag or hen party
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