Personal Experience: Relating To American Culture

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I wanted my montage to portray the struggle I have with accumulating to American society but instead of it showing things that I feel make up the American or Cameroonian culture, I chose to pick the major things that I have taken from both Cultures. These things shape who I am and the way I perceive things. The background I wanted to represent my mind and what goes on when I think. The electrical sparks represent electrodes that control the thought process. In the top middle I have praying hands because no matter where I go my Christian religion is always a present factor. I have had religion imposed upon me by my family and environment so much that it is just ingrained in me, I believe now that I cannot accomplish anything without Jesus, he…show more content…
Coming from her mouth ( like words of wisdom) are increasing bubbles, these bubbles contain the major things that influence my ‘self’. The first bubble is clothing, I dress more in fabric and tribal colors than blue jeans and a t-shirt. Even when I go to the store, the clothes I pick some people have said “You dress like a bush girl”, but I am proud of this. The second bubble has achu soup and fufu, this is a type of Cameroonian food. Food has definitely had a big effect on my taste, because of it I can’t eat some school foods or in some restaurants because I always think they are not well seasoned, fully cooked, or even spicy enough. I sometimes find myself judging people by their food. The biggest bubble is a picture of Lady Ponce a famous Cameroonian singer; I only wholly listen to two different types of Music, Cameroonian and Christian rock. The latter I will get into later, but to reiterate what I said before music is a big part in my life whether I am listening to it, performing it, or even playing it. It has such a strong hold over me and my emotions that is why I felt the need to make it the biggest bubble. The reason of the bubbles increasing as they get closer to me is because the “sound waves” of what mother Cameroon is telling me gets greater and
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