Personal Experience: Senior Synthesis

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Grey lights filled the already cold room. The constant beeps and clicks from the machines against the wall scraped away at the silence that hardened the air. Every once in a while the beeps would get faster, and then fall back down to a steady, rhythmic pace. A small, frail girl lay motionless in the center of a white hospital bed. Her mouth propped slightly open with various tubes running down her throat, and hands connected to the machines through an elaborate arrangement of cords and needles. The warmth had already escaped her body, and to the touch, she was just as cold as the room. Curled up tightly in a chair next to her, I sat patiently and held her cold hand, as I spoke softly into her ear. I never thought I would have ended up here, in a small room with my mom, next to the body of my dying grandma. But I was. It was Tuesday, March 26, 2013 and my family and I were getting our suitcases ready for that Thursday, when we would drive two hours to see my grandma and celebrate my sister’s birthday and Easter, which was on the 31st. The day started out like any other Tuesday. My siblings and I woke up early and begrudgingly made our way to school, where we would stay for seven hours (if we were lucky) and then anxiously count down the seconds until the closing prayer came on the speakers and released us for the day. On our way home, we blasted the music on loud as usual, and turned it back down when we pulled into the driveway. Once I got to the front door, turned the
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