Essay on Personal Experience: Spending Happy Times with The Family

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At some point, no one has ever been happy with their family. It may be because of a bad decision, a terrible misunderstanding or an inevitable situation. It could be a lot of things. But in my family, it was something simple yet irritating: rules. It felt suffocating. And because of it, I was hardly allowed to do the things I wanted to; like hanging out with friends for one.

I can seemingly recall how often I felt left out; from the clothes I wore to the things I didn’t have. And in fact, no one would believe me if I told them I don’t and will never have a Facebook account. Apparently, I am not age-ready and responsible enough to have one. And even if I will be in the later years, it wouldn’t be that much of a hit anymore. It wouldn’t matter as much by then, because people would be busy with something else.

You’ll never know how awful it felt to have to hear the whole class talk about a recent outing, or a movie they all watched together and just sit quiet and have nothing to say. I was always the one who wasn’t there when I could’ve been. By now, you should know I am not the typical teenager who goes out often or wears trendy clothes or eats famous food or knows the latest news about celebrities or even spends that much time on the phone, laptop or someplace else. I’m the type of fifteen year-old who does chores every day, reads a book spare time or not, stays home at every attempt of asking for permission to go elsewhere, and wears hand-me-down clothes. Most…