Personal Experience: The Canadian Canoe Pilgrimage

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Through my many activities at Desmet and outside of Desmet have enriched my character and taught me a myriad of important skills. Sports have taught me the importance of accountability, discipline, and communication. Student government has educated me on how involvement is the best strategy. Working has taught me the importance of working to a high standard. The Canadian Canoe Pilgrimage educated me on the importance of trusting God. High level classes have not only challenged my mental capabilities, but also the classes have taught me the importance of communication. Throughout countless practices and hardships, the football team has endured I have been instilled with brotherhood and teamwork. After many hard practices I have become accustomed to choosing to trust and work with my teammates, because I know that the only way to succeed is to trust that the teammate beside me knows what they will do and will commit their…show more content…
I stay late at school in order to complete my work. I understand that there are distractions at my house and take action to remove myself from those distractions. I invest large amounts of time to my academics because I hold myself responsible to improving myself academically. Student Government has taught me the importance of planning and cooperation. As I attended my first meetings Mr. Mohan made it clear that the best events are birthed from a student government that is involved with the students. Taking that spirit of involvement, I made a goal to be involved within student government and I have been actively attended meetings and stugo events to my fullest capability. I had a job this summer at a parts warehouse. I grabbed items from order forms from the warehouse shelves. These orders of had to be completed on time and correctly. Two lessons that I take very importantly. I try my best to incorporate those ideas of perfectionism and punctuality into my school
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