Personal Experience: The Controversy Of Fish

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This summer I went fishing allot and caught all sorts of fish.
I saw Sunfish, BlueGill, Rock Bass, LargeMouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, River Pike, Trout, Rainbow Trout, River Trout, Channel CatFish, RedTail Suckers, Guppies, Carp, Painted Turtles, Box Turtles, SoftShell Turtles, Crawdad, and Clams.
I went fishing with my uncle, Jason Corneya, Ben Corneya, Liam Corneya, Brian Corneya, My Dad, My Mom, My Sister, my Cousin Evan, My Cousin Paige, And My friend Mathew. I was fishing in Evert, Petoskey, Maple River, Grand River, Ponds, and lakes.
This is a connection to science because it is connected to nature, which is connected to plants, which you can study and review. Nature also connects to the DNR, which in its own way, Connects
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