Personal Experience: The Motel Industry

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Physically we live on planet Earth, a constantly accelerating body in the solar system and the only body in this body system that contains complex living organisms. Whenever, I am asked what my world consists, two things come to mind. First is the denotation of the word world. The denotation of the word world is the place of the human civilization, specifically any place that pertains to the planet Earth. Second the connotation of the word world comes to mind. The connotation is anything that defines me, whether it be my family, my culture, my ideals, my home, my environment, and etc. Personally, I am a conglomerate of two different cultures, first being my parents’ Indian heritage and the fact that I was born into an American society. As of now, two different cultures are coursing through my blood, the culture of India and the United States of America. “I am the product and expression of this world, even if suddenly it vanished, I’d still represent it; I would articulate it.” This world is something that defines me and I do not want to ever lose it. I will be losing a part of me if that happens.

Like I mentioned before, my parents are from India and thus have an Indian culture. My dad immigrated from Indian in the year 1989. My mother immigrated in the year 1996. Every since they have arrived, they have attempted to blend Indian heritage with the American way of life. Whether it be religious traditions or cuisine from India, my parents have attempted to incorporate in the
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