Essay Personal Experience: What to do with our Leisure Time

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There is always a choice of things that we are able to do in our leisure time. Whether the activity involves, driving with friends, going to a movie, or working out, there is always a choice. What most people do not realize, is our choices have several influences. As reported by Leisure enhancement (2004), leisure is a free-willed act that one chooses to do during their free time, where one does not feel obliged to do, mindless if it is enjoyable to them or not. Be that as it may, how does one engage in an activity unwillingly without pressure or influences? These influences better known as sociocultural factors, are the main influences that drive us to be who we are. They also determine how we spend our…show more content…
To put this in perspective, that means I spend approximately 3 hours a day doing physical activity. The physical activity I take part in, and other leisure time activities such as hanging out with my friends and visual entertainment (TV and video games), takes up 25% of my week, which is 1 quarter. I also found that I spend 33% of my week (56 hours) sleeping. This is a lot of leisure time that’s spent sleeping, instead of other activities. I spend most of my week with school related activities and responsibilities such as class, homework, council, and walking between classes. This together takes up about 30% of my week, which is about 1/3rd of my weekly schedule. Since I rarely travel because of living on residence, I only travel about 4-6 hours a week on transit which is only 3%. The rest of my free time during the week is spent doing residence chores such as cleaning, cooking, and organizing. This takes up about 9% of my weekly schedule. It would seem that in total most of my leisure time is spent doing physical activities, and things that I would like to do, instead of things that rather constrain me from participating. This ultimately is the cause of the sociocultural factors that, I face. How they are facilitated can be viewed further in my time map. When speaking about leisure time, the words agency and structure come to mind due to their power in relation to ones leisure time.

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