Essay Personal Experience: What to do with our Leisure Time

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There is always a choice of things that we are able to do in our leisure time. Whether the

activity involves, driving with friends, going to a movie, or working out, there is always a

choice. What most people do not realize, is our choices have several influences. As reported

by Leisure enhancement (2004), leisure is a free-willed act that one chooses to do during their

free time, where one does not feel obliged to do, mindless if it is enjoyable to them or not. Be

that as it may, how does one engage in an activity unwillingly without pressure or influences?

These influences better known as sociocultural factors, are the main influences that drive us to be

who we are. They also determine how we spend our leisure time. The three most dominant

sociocultural factors that influence what I participate in my leisure time are Socioeconomic,

environmental inhabitants, and the norm of masculinity. In my case these things help to facilitate

my physical activity in my leisure time. I will prove this through research and personal

experience in my paper.

Socioeconomic sub factors such as my socio-economic status and social class are things

that determine the recreational and physical activities I participate in. While the environment

being a factor for where I live, and what I am surrounded by, influences how and when I can

participate in these activities. The socially constructed norm of masculinity shows the pressure…