Personal Experience With The Stitt Feld Handy Negotiation Simulations

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To Negotiate is a part of every day life, and in most cases is absolutely critical to your success. (book) There are a multitude of advantages and disadvantages towards specific approaches to conflict and negation. With several references to Stitt Feld Handy Negotiation Simulations I will discuss with you my initial understanding and experience of negotiation, prior to this class. I will also discuss my personal experience with the Stitt Feld Handy Negotiation Simulations, and how many of my initial views towards negation have altered since completing them. Based on this I will introduce my newfound understanding and plans for negotiating. I will conclude, by providing an overall evaluation of the negotiation module, specifically the negotiation simulations. 
 Personally, I have always held negotiation and conflict at opposite sides of the spectrum, I felt I was an excellent negotiator, however I generally avoided conflict at all costs. I suppose I thought of myself as a great negotiator because the only instances in which I would be involved in a negation were where the stakes weren 't very high, and the conflicts were minimal. What I failed to understand is that negation and conflict are entirely intertwined, you rarely have one with out the other(Book).
 The majority of issues I have negotiated in the past have all been minor, interest based negations. The other party and myself focused on each others interests and made attempts to work together to create options that

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