Personal Experience: Writing a Poem

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Before English 1102, I thought writing was a waste of ink. I liked reading other people’s works but I disliked writing the stories myself. I was never good at explaining my ideas clearly and organizing the main ideas for the reader. Also having coherence between and within paragraphs was a struggle. However, as I wrote three unique essays throughout this semester, I realized that writing was a work in progress. It required deeper understanding of the text and the ability to interpret it in my own words by forming a defensive argument. It took time and effort but the final paper was worth it. It showed how I have grown as a writer. Even though I still have many other writing elements to improve on, my organization and coherence in my papers have developed the most. In the first week of English 1102, my professor revealed the Paper 1 prompt. The assignment was straightforward but the word “poem” worried me. Poems and I never had a good relationship. I had trouble analyzing and therefore forming a concrete thesis based on a poem. So I chose a poem that really interested me so I could “dig deeper” in my paper. I chose “Daddy” by Sylvia Path which focuses on the evolving perception of a daughter to her deceased father. My thesis involved how the speaker’s tone changes as her perception of her father alters according to his characteristics. There were many symbolic elements such as metaphors that revealed the speaker’s changing view of her father. The first rough
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