Personal Experience at the City Council Meeting

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City Council Meeting I chose to attend a city council meeting for this assignment and was very surprised at what I witnessed. The city council served an important purpose and the meeting actually accomplished many important goals. Among the interesting things that I saw at the council meeting were the people who attended, the people who presented, the people who sat on the council, and the subjects that were being voted upon in the meeting. I was very surprised at how many people actually attended the city hall meeting. Normally when you think of government, you assume that the people are less interested in attending meetings. This was especially what I thought would happen given the average amount of people who vote for local laws and political offices. Instead, I was surprised to see many people attending. While most of those who attended were older, there were some younger people as well. In general, the attendees where men between the ages of 40 and 70. Some were dressed professionally for the meeting, while others were obviously arriving straight from work and were dressed in work clothes. There were even a few construction workers present who were still in their day clothes. Most of the women who were present were older. My best guess is that the younger women stay at home with their children while their husbands attend the meeting. There were no children present, which was expected given that city council meetings are meant for adults. The people who
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