Personal Experience in a Company: False Promises

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I have been in a management position for most of my adult life and have experienced a great amount of challenges and opportunity. No company is perfect. What I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is the culture of an organization is extremely important. Companies that do not value and trust employees certainly have more problems than the companies that do. People are one of the greatest commodities an organization has. If the culture of a business is to pay employees as little as possible, hide information, and create a feeling that no person can be trusted; the company should expect poor attitudes and performance in return. It was three months ago when I was hired as a manager with a large salon and spa chain. I had never heard…show more content…
The service providers are paid on commission but are not offered full-time hours of employment. The reason we have staff at all is because people in the cosmetology field need a place where they can gain experience. The job also offers flexible hours which is important in a field dominated by females. Nearly one-third of working mothers would take a pay cut to spend more time with their children, and 25% have missed two or more significant events in their child’s life in the last year (CareerBuilder Inc., 2009). A cosmetologist job at our company offers flexibility. The problem is that most of the staff must work a second job to make ends meet. The company’s employees do not simply offer products and services. The company fails to see the workforce is itself a product. The employees are a vital part of the organization and uniquely critical in the success of the organization. Unhappy employees equal unhappy clients. The company has increasingly been stingy with money and the locations are not given enough of a budget to purchase the supplies needed for client services week to week. This is a massive problem. Managers, including myself know the company is in the process of opening two more locations. We have also looked into the financial situation of the organization and know it made $115 million net revenue in 2013. An organization concerned about money should be concerned about the high rate of turnover
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