Personal Experience on Culture and Gender Issues

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When reflecting back and looking what I have learned throughout this class I truly enjoyed three topics throughout this course. Topics such as culture, sex and gender, and education are part of my everyday life. By learning about these different ideas and beliefs, I have absorbed many different opinions about culture, sex and gender, and a huge part in education.
Culture is a delicate word. If I told you what was the definition of culture was at the beginning of the semester, I believed that it revolved around similarity. I recognized that there was a different culture around the world. I just did not recognize that there is culture everywhere in today’s society. However as you go about your life on an everyday basis, you just do not become conscious of the difference of people’s culture. Furthermore, there are many cultures today that are part of the world; you just do not grasp on an everyday basis. When people go outside of your normal everyday living, they tend to experience a little culture shock; people are disoriented by the different way of life. As for my family we hope that one day all of us will get to go see another country to see their culture first hand. In addition, I learned that even something as simple as language says so much about a person. It lets those around you know immediately whether you are from their area or not. Even speaking the same language, yet having a different accent will state whether you are local or not. I did not realize something as
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