Personal Experiences Of A Jew Essay

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though most of them had not passed through the horrible years. In the description, it says that the Jew is a Female attorney who appreciates her culture. She also says that she is offended by people who treat her differently because of her heritage. Another person is a lesbian. My first impression is that they are brave because they had the courage to come out to her parents. I also think of how they might of been picked on because of her sexual preference. In the description, she says that she is the mother of two and she also hates when people tell her not to have custody of both of her children. When i think of working class, I think of them not having enough money to give to their families, I also think of the person getting paid minimum wage. The description says that he is a father of two kids and does not make…show more content…
Some may say that they are disrespectful because of their views on issues like homosexuality. In the description, it says that he is a college student with strict religious rules and he is looking to serve in the ministry. The next person on the list is an alcoholic. In my mind, an alcoholic is person who drinks all the time or when they get depressed. Another thing is that they get arrested for drunk driving or causing accidents. It is described that the alcoholic is a 33-year old man who was once an alcoholic. With the support of his family and community, he is one alcoholic-free for 4 years. The next person on the list is an activist. To me an activist is person fighting for the rights of the people and even animals. Another thing is that some of them may be annoying because some are angry towards people so that they can make people follow their beliefs. In the description, it said that the activist is a 47-year-old female who is trying to make a change in the health care
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