Personal Expression, Empowerment, Identity And Communication Skills Of Children During The Early Years And Schooling Period Essay

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Language is a critical element in every person’s life. It is simultaneously shared between people and belonging to each individual on their own. Language is a cognitive phenomenon as well as a physical object, it is used by adults and children in order to create relationships, express oneself and communicate ideas. There are many different forms of language and methods of communicating. The diversity of languages is typically marked by various ethnic communities and social networks as standard language constantly develops and evolves with societal changes. The essay will discuss how language interacts with the personal expression, empowerment, identity and communication skills of children during the early years and schooling period.

Language development in the early years is a milestone in the growth of a child, signifying major learning developments and cognitive engagement (Raising Chldren, 2015). Green (2006) notes that a child’s first experience with language is essentially at home. Since the use of language is purposeful, meaningful and functional, the majority of children are successful in learning and pracitising their first language from interactions and imitation (Gee & Hayes, 2011). Within one year, children develop foundations that underpin language and speech development although learning language is a continuous, lifelong process.

Children use language as a tool for communication. During the first three years of a child’s life they understand far more than
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