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Personal Faith Story
When I was really young, probably 5 or 6, I always looked to God for help. My mom took me to church a couple of times and that was enough to get the ball rolling. My mother had a drug addiction problem and even though I was still in my first years of school, I felt responsible. I prayed that I would be a good boy and do anything to be with my mom when I was in Child Protective Services, even though I wasn’t sure who I was praying to or what prayer even was. Yet, I now know that The Holy Spirit guided me every step of my journey.
Fast forward to when I was a teenager and I really struggled to be happy and to have a purpose. I never really had aspirations or goals and it really started to feel like a then. Plus we all had teen angst and I was no exception. Maybe that’s why my parents wanted to come to church. I really think it was because of their business. My parents work in construction and like most self-employed small businesses, they were really struggling and I think they were looking for answers.
It was somewhere near the end of sophomore year and we started to go to church regularly. It was really easy to see how the Holy Spirit was working through me and the people at Christ Lutheran La Mesa. It honestly
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We live in a world that values our skills, deeds and time. When I die time will be irrelevant. It will be the most amazing place in fellowship with God and it is unfathomable that we will have eternal life with our Father. Because Jesus came to Earth to die for us and share the gift of eternal life, we are called to go out and share this great promise with everyone. We should not be selfish and keep this to ourselves but we should shout it from the rooftops! Now since this specific practice (shouting from rooftops) could be frowned upon, I try to do this through my relationships in my everyday life. I might not have a tattoo on my forehead but I love the idea of “Living like
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