Personal Financial Goals And Objectives Essay

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Financial Plan is a written financial goal with define action plans that will help you to achieve such goals. Planning is important to set deliberate actions that will guide you in reaching your goals. It is even necessary when you are further from the set goal. When it comes to money, most individuals would love to manage their personal finances so that they achieve maximum satisfaction from each available currency. To achieve this goal, you must first identify the financial goals and set priorities. Personal financial planning is the process through which individual manages their finances to achieve maximum satisfaction. It does not matter if you are self-employed, highly paid executive or newly employed staff; financial planning is important for everyone. It helps you to make optimum use of your limited financial resources. Your personal financial plan allows you to set financial goals with related action plan. This will help you to take control of your financial affairs. Think about it, you may not need a map to move within a known city, but you will require direction when strolling in an unknown city. Financial planning is about the future and the future is an unknown city. Many people also think that it is lack of money that cause financial problems, however, this is not correct in most cases. Check around the community, you will notice many well-paid employees who are financially unsecured or a self-employed consultant who depends on bank loans for survival. They lack
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