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BUS 282 - Personal Finance Final Project – Creating a Personal Financial Plan Your final project will integrate what you have learned throughout the course into the core elements of a financial plan. Although not comprehensive, and in fact only the beginning of what should be a living document, this project will allow you time to organize and reflect on key areas of personal finances that you will need to address throughout your financial life cycle. Assignment Requirements: * Using the following prompts, please develop a narrative explaining how you can integrate the content covered in this course into your personal financial plan. * Draft your response in MS Word, using 12-point, Times New-Roman font, double-spaced,…show more content…
At what age would you like to retire? Describe your goals, aspirations, and desired lifestyle for your retirement years. How many years do you anticipate being retired? Does your current financial plan support your retirement goals (lifestyle and time frame)? If not, what changes (if any) do you need to make in your current lifestyle to support your retirement goals? Part 7 – 10% - Estate Planning: How do the basic estate planning tools addressed in our textbook fit into your financial plan? If not now, when do you propose to address estate-planning issues? What financially, if anything, would you like to pass on to your heirs? Part 8 – 10% - Reflection: In reflecting upon your plan, does your current spending and saving activities align with your proposed financial plan and personal mission statement (created in week 3) statement? Please explain. How can you be more deliberate with your finances in order to achieve all of your goals? Identify areas that you think will be the most challenging. Formatting, spelling, grammar – 20% This Final project will not be accepted
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