Personal Financial Planning

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|[pic] |University of New Brunswick | | |Faculty of Business Administration | | | | | |2011-2012 Academic Year | ADM 3445 (FR01B) Personal Financial Planning Course Outline Instructor: E. Otuteye Term: Winter 2012 Office: SH 362 Day(s): W Phone: 506…show more content…
COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND EVALUATION: Evaluation will be based on End-of-Topic quizzes, a midterm exam, four assignments, and a final exam as listed under “Grading Scheme” below. There is a quiz at the end of each topic/chapter. The midterm quiz covers chapters 1 to 9 inclusive and the final quiz covers the entire course. All the quizzes are True/False and multiple choice types available in Blackboard. All the quizzes are open-book but because of the limited time available to take a quiz, you must have good knowledge of the content before taking the test. You are responsible for checking Blackboard for the opening and closing dates and times of the quizzes. No extensions will be allowed. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY The University of New Brunswick places a high value on academic integrity and has a policy on plagiarism, cheating and other academic offences. Plagiarism includes: 1) quoting verbatim or almost verbatim from any source, including all electronic sources, without acknowledgement; 2) adopting someone else’s line of thought, argument, arrangement, or supporting evidence without acknowledgement; 3) submitting someone else’s work, in whatever form, without acknowledgement; and 4) knowingly representing as one’s own work any idea of another. Examples of other academic offences include: 1) cheating on exams, tests, assignments or reports; 2) impersonating somebody at a test or exam; 3) obtaining an exam, test or other course materials through theft,
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