Personal Financing, Time Management, And Study Strategies

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I haven 't heard much about the cornerstone course, so when I began this class, I didn 't have anything to base my expectations on except for that everyone I knew going to FSW has to take it as well. Except for students who attended before it was mandatory to take. I was full of anticipation about what the course would cover. Glancing at the textbook, I figured the material would be unique compared to anything I 've taken before. It also crossed my mind that maybe this class is insignificant compared to the numerous other classes ahead of me on the path to a hopeful future degree. However I soon decided my opinion was wrong, the topics covered soon proved to be very motivational for me as I took on other classes and began to adjust to college. It 's served as something to base my perspective on for years to come. Some of the most beneficial topics covered for me were personal financing, time management, and study strategies. Deciding how I 'm going to build a plan (or if I do) to manage my money over the course of the next four years has bothered me since I first got a job in 10th grade. I 've improved greatly since then, I don 't splurge my money when I 'm with a group of people or go out to eat twice a day when with my partner for long periods of time. After attending class the day we discussed this, I went home and created a account and noticed the account offered many helpful links to other financial tools. A mint account helps keeps track of credit cards and

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