Personal Goals And Objectives Of The Us Air War College

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Personal Goals and Objectives Essay The US Air War College is indisputably among the best senior military schools for preparing future strategic leaders. Due to its worldwide reputation, it is a challenging issue for all partner nations to get a spot at the college. For the selected international officers the residence program is a great chance to attend a wide variety of educational activities led by world-class faculty members. While taking advantage of this unique learning environment, my personal commitment throughout the academic year will be focused on achieving the following two goals: developing an advanced strategic mindset and expanding my view of the world conflicts. This essay will examine the specific objectives which lead towards accomplishing those two goals and which might help addressing some shortfalls in my leadership skill set. As being part of an academic institution for preparing strategic leaders, my first goal is aimed at achieving success in developing an advanced strategic mindset through pursuing the following three objectives: (1) improving my personal dimensions, (2) understanding the general ethical theories and (3) mastering the systems thinking process. Using the analogy of the Browning Model, the personal dimensions serve as a tool for analyzing and evaluating the strategic environment and represent the capacities, competencies, experience and wisdom of the strategic leader. The growth in each of the five dimensions defined in the Browning

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