Personal Goals For Physical Therapy

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I have aspired to thrive and set many goals throughout my life in order to be the greatest, successful version of myself. My path in life is to help others achieve the utmost potential for their individual physical needs and abilities with the use of my guidance and direction. I have endured many injuries in my life as an athlete that has exposed me to many areas of the medical field. One field that has spoken to me however has been being a physical therapist. Having real face on experiences with physical therapy has shown me the joy of helping others overcome obstacles that has dragged them down. There are personal, educational, and career goals that I have put in place to help direct me down the correct pathway. These ambitions include: being cleared by my orthopedic to return to sports, obtaining my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and to either volunteer or land an internship with Orlando Health.
A personal long term goal where I wish to pursue is to be fully cleared by my orthopedic to play full active sports by August of 2018; in other words, the startup of the spring season. Accomplishing this goal is crucial for it shows how hard work, dedication, and commitment can lead someone to accomplish the unthinkable. This ambition ties hand in hand with my personal purpose statement due to how it depicts what a difference physical therapy are capable of doing. Having a physical therapist guiding patients with an individualized plan increases the chances for them to obtain

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