Personal Goals In Life Essay

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In Composition I, Mrs. Henry assigned us the task of writing to share information about ourselves. Our group consists of Kane (David Pharr), Kylah, Joshua, and Kendra. As a group, we chose to share about three topics that would reveal the most about our personality and character. In this paper, you will get to know more about the hobbies, goals and families of Kane (David Pharr), Kylah, Joshua, and Kendra. First, you will be hearing from me. David Pharr, also known as Kane. I am a dynamic individual with a great interest in learning new things. Working and schooling full-time doesn’t leave much time for activities, but I still manage to find time for hiking, camping, and exploring outdoors as I enjoy the solitude of nature. I also study…show more content…
Now moving on to me, Kylah Clark. It is easy to look at someone and stereotype them, but I have always considered myself to be a strong, independent, and funny person. Some of my hobbies include Netflix, Softball and Basketball. Every night I watch Netflix. I call it a hobby, but others might call it an addiction. I watch about six hours of Netflix every day. The shows I watch include ‘The Night Shift’ which is consistent with the show ‘Greysanatomy’ but has more of a military background. I also watch ‘Stranger Things’ this show is mainly about aliens and a warp in time that a group of kids found. Although watching Netflix is great and all playing my sports heavily outweighs watching tv on my priority list. One sport I play is softball. I am a two-time World Series Title holder and although I am not going to college to play, I have been the MVP in both of those tournaments. The other sport I play is Basketball, although my trophies are more about softball I excelled in basketball and made All Conference every year of my high school years. I am naturally talented and can play any position in both sports. Now being out of high school I have decided that maybe it is time to peruse a new passion. Close a chapter in my book of life to open a new. This new chapter will be me finding new goals in my life to live out. These goals include keeping a good workout schedule, keeping my grades up while in school, and becoming an Anesthesiologist. I believe that
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