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Personal Goals
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Personal Goals
As with most people engaged in this class, I have contemplated the question: what do I want to accomplish with my life? This intricate question burdens many people, not just those of us that have chosen to continue our education. I have seen it with my own children as they contemplate which career path will lead them to a comfortable life with financial stability. My most obvious goal and reason for enrolling in University of Phoenix is like every other student: to complete this program and earn my degree. However, the fruition of my goal ultimately depends on the fulfillment of smaller, more personal ambitions. My first objective was
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I want to utilize my current skill set and be given the opportunity to stretch the capacity of my mind to continue to read, learn, and comprehend new knowledge as it presents itself. I believe that life is an education program and I continue to encounter new knowledge every day. While I may consider some of the learnt items miniscule, I know that ultimately they influence my life and the decisions I make.
I have been employed in the hospitality industry for almost 20 years. While engaging, it has become somewhat of a complacent, day-to-day routine. My original goal was to find a vehicle to move me into an alternative direction. In some of my past jobs I had always excelled when it came to numbers so accounting positions came naturally for me. The dilemma, however, was that my personality conflicted with the facet of accounting positions that required being stuck behind a desk and pressing out spreadsheets. I found that although I was an individual that uniquely enjoyed accounting I also enjoyed the ability to be in the driver's seat and guide the operations of a business. For that reason, the natural aspiration that soon developed was the goal of operating my own business. Since accomplishing this goal, I now have an established practice that provides financial statement preparation and accounting services to small organizations. While I have the skill set to perform the tasks required by my career
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