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My personal goal that I would like to achieve as a Montgomery college student is to be the best student that can successfully complete the courses by acquiring the required knowledge and participating in various college events, voluntary works, community services, and others. Besides my personal goals that I want to achieve, my educational goals that I would like to succeed in is to learn as much as I can from my professors, classmates, and from the college environment. I have been interested in learning science and technology courses since I started to learn those subjects in elementary school. Having a great foundation in science and math subjects in elementary classes helps me to further improve my knowledge in secondary school and in college. I completed my secondary school in Ethiopia. Even though there is no special program that focuses only on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) majors to give more attention to students having an interest on STEM programs, my personal interest has encouraged me to do well on those programs. The more I get information and knowledge on STEM related courses, I began to appreciate the…show more content…
The major difficulty that I faced was moving to the US without my parents. It has been almost two years since I moved to the US from my home country, Ethiopia. My parents played the major role in my educational success, so living far from them was very challenging at first. But now I am accepting the way things are and trying to better myself by using the opportunities that I have. In addition to my personal challenges, the academic challenge that I faced while starting classes in Montgomery College was lack of information on how to get in the educational path that is way different from my country’s educational system. Even though it seemed difficult, I had a chance to get the information that I needed by going to institutions that give community

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