Personal Growth At My Father 's Hardware Store

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Spending the last two years working full-time at my father’s hardware store has been a period of major personal growth for me. For the first time, I took on a serious role in the business. I was no longer the boss’ son: I was tasked with trying to turn around a business that had been struggling for quite some time. When I graduated college I knew I wanted a career as an attorney. Prior to committing myself to law school, I wanted to gain some insight into the legal world through experience. But after six months I was unable to find a job or internship in the legal field. One summer night over dinner, I was updating my father on my job search and career prospect, which was difficult to admit. As supportive as he tried to be, I could see his disappointment. He then proposed I come to work at the hardware store and see if I could help get it back on track. He no longer had the time or energy to invest into the business.
I didn’t see how working there could be beneficial for me. But after thinking it over for several days, I realized this might be an exciting opportunity to challenge myself. I was to assume the role of store manager, a role that is exhausting in a small business where I would be responsible for every single thing that goes on. I spent the first few days critically and holistically assessing the business, trying to figure out potential causes of the business’ decline and how I could help improve it. I noticed how many customers would walk in and walk out
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