Personal Growth Initiative

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People who have a greater level of PGI can more positively cope with life’s everyday challenges. For example, an individual high in PGI might critically evaluate past, current, and future experiences to both determine potential areas for growth and monitor growth experiences. Behaviorally, these individuals would likely seek out experiences deemed important to personal growth. In contrast, an individual low in PGI would not consider growth as a criterion for examining past, current, and future experiences and therefore would not behaviorally seek out intentional growth experiences. Given that PGI is a broad goal orientation, it is likely that PGI would affect the outcome and process of a variety of decisions. Then it may also be possible that personal growth initiative could be related to problem solving ability, which is a higher cognitive ability among individuals. Personal growth initiative exists on a continuum from low to high levels, with the individual’s level of personal growth initiative determining, in part how the person will respond in a situation that either requires the person or presents an opportunity for change and growth. Individuals who are high in personal growth initiative are more involved in changing themselves in direction they desire. They are more concerned about self – improvement than individuals who are low in PGI and who likely have less confidence in their ability to resolve life changes. However, there are many constructs which could be
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