Personal Happiness Essay

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To gain happiness, people believe that they should have to change everything about themselves. Meanwhile, when they change themselves they would eventually go back to their old habits. It’s imperative that you’re happy with yourself and have determination to change for the better. The wrong determination to have is to try to fix everything that has gone wrong in their lives. You would need to plan how you’re going to change the way you live. Also, plan how to bring happiness into your life. Assuming changing my relationships with people, how I think of cognitively thinking about things around me, and change the way I see the world. The relationship that I have with my family has a big role in my personal happiness. However, the…show more content…
So, I seconded guess myself when something goes right in my life. I wish I can have things go right in my life more often than bad things that have happened. A scientist has done a study that focuses on how thinking negatively can affect your mental health. They found out that people with negative attitude have higher chance to have a mental disorder (Bieda & Hirschfeld & Schönfeld & Brailovskaia & Zhang & Margraf, 2017)
To change the way, I think I will try not to overthink everything. I will gain determination that when things go bad in my life I will overlook it. Then think about how that situation happened for a reason. When I start to think in a positive way, I will express positivity all around me. I must try to not look down on myself. I also should think about think about positive things more and not have everything bring me down. Thinking differently will help improve my happiness. The way I cognitively think about things that happen to me impacts the way I see the world. Lately, I haven’t been seeing the good things that have happened in the world. Everything has been bad. Recently the world has been through the Los Vegas shooting. Protesting of a cop not being guilty shooting a man. Looking around at the world everything has been tragic. The scientist said that globally we should focus on three things. One thing is often having pleasant moods more than not. Secondly, try and use unpleasant mood less often. Lastly change the way you
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