Personal Health Concern Using Personal Vitality Through Holistic Evaluation

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It is important for individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing. This is achieved through personal vitality aimed at creating an objective that summarizes one’s health and thus assist in improving their health. Therefore, through a holistic evaluation an individual is able to create a synthesis of their personal health across all aspects of wellness and thus get the possible actions they should take. As such, the holistic evaluation gives an effective measure of the overall vitality by a robust picture of one’s health, where it is going as well as the actions that should be taken. Personal vitality also provides a measure of value creation in health. Moreover, the holistic evaluation incorporates the body’s integrity and its relationship with the environment since the body should be in sync with the external environment in a mutually-interactive manner. This paper seeks to discuss the personal health concern using personal vitality through holistic evaluation and thus apply concepts of holism to the understanding of the interdependence between an individual and their environment. Personal Vitality Personal vitality involves the state of being healthy, which leads to the body’s self-healing abilities and thus promoting integration. It involves the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit as inseparable and interactive parts of the human being. This involves being healthy to avert the underlying causes of illnesses, such as spiritual, environmental, and emotional

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