Personal Health Of Public Health

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Health is the most precious asset in the possession of human beings. From my classroom experience and through interaction with literature texts, I have come to the conclusion that people can be responsible for their health. As a student of public health, it is important to maintain good personal health in order to address the public health problems in the future. To be responsible for my personal health, I have taken the initiative to implement a personal health behavior changing plan to test whether a positive reinforcement of rewarding myself to watch one episode of my favorite TV show each night is an effective method to change my eating habit in a short period of time.
According to my health report generated by Blue Zones, I have a very unhealthy eating habit. I do not consume enough fruits and vegetables. One of the suggestions they give to me is to enjoy some fruit and vegetables every day, by which I could add 377 days to my life expectancy. As a result, I set my short term goal to be meeting the recommendation of daily fruit and vegetable intake (2.5 cups of fruits and 3.5 cups of vegetables) made by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention base on my age (22), sex (male) and level of physical activity (30 – 60 minutes per day). In the long run, I hope to maintain a healthy eating habit without any intervention. According to CDC, One cup refers to a common measuring cup (the kind used in recipes). In general, 1 cup of raw or cooked vegetables or 100%
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