Personal Health Promotion Plan

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Part Two: Identify a NEW wellness focus and personal goal that is meaningful to you in one of the following five areas: physical, emotional, mental/cognitive, spiritual, and relationships. My areas of focus will be physical and emotional. In the one I will focus on exercise. In the other, I will choose a related field to meditation/ mindfulness/ enhanced self-knowledge that is called 'focusing'. Part Three: Write a personal health promotion plan using the following outline. 1. Personal definition of health promotion and wellness My personal definition is one of health that extends to every particular of life. Taking an Aristotelian perspective, I see health as one where each person recognizes his or her core potential and ability that lies within her (the seed) and enhances that to the maximum. Aristotle gave the analogy of a fledgling oak tree that has the germ of an oak sapling within it. The 'pure' superior oak tree will be that that has exploited this germ to its maximum. I see this seed of health as lying within each of the spheres of my life spiritual, physical, vocational, family, financial, social and that when I recognize my potentials within each of these (e.g. ability to achieve optimum health or to become a splendid painter) and when I persevere to work on these to their optimum by diligently following through the best advice that I can receive on the subject well, then I consider myself to have reached a healthy degree of promotion and wellness in each of
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