Personal Health Record And Patient Portal Use

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Personal Health Record and Patient Portal Use
The Personal Health Records (PHRs) are the innovative solution to the problems associated with fragmented communication and lack of interaction among the Medical Record Systems (EMRs) (Henriksen et al., 2008). It allows patients to access their healthcare data in the secure environment and increases patient 's engagement in medical care. The PHRs are also known as patient portals. They help patients in getting relevant medical data from their provider. In spite of recent policy efforts to develop the usage of health informational technologies and increase the accessibility of PHRs in different health institutions, PHR adoption level remains relatively low overall.
The PHR is defined as "based-on-the-Internet set of tools that makes it possible for people to coordinate and access their lifelong health data, and makes some parts of it available and accessible to those who need it" (Segall et al., 2011). PHRs may be useful, especially, for people with chronic diseases who expect to receive some advantages from using PHRs to learn and monitor their health problems. PHRs allow care coordination among clinicians, ensure patients the opportunity to access and search their medical information, support them in managing health, and make them be active participants in the decision-making process. The early adopters of PHRs could be chronically ill patients because most of them are active users of the internet and computers. Therefore, PHRs
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