Personal Hygiene

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PERSONAL HYGIENE PART I PERSONAL HYGIENE Personal hygiene refers to set of individual practices and conditions that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of disease Hygiene behavior change can have significant effects on health of the population THE IMPORTANCE OF GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons; these can be personal, social, for health reasons, psychological or simply as a way of life. Essentially keeping a good standard of hygiene helps to prevent the development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad odours. Personal Reasons Many people, women in particular, are very conscious of their hygiene needs and practices. This can be a result of being taught of the…show more content…
* The main purpose of washing is to remove dirt and odours. * The frequency of bathing or showering is very individual and may be dependent on culture; food and water will always take priority over personal hygiene. * Skin care and healthcare professionals recommend that the face, underarms and genitals are cleansed once a day and not more often, as this can take essential natural oils away from the skin leading to irritation. * Hand-washing should be carried out frequently throughout the day, as they come into contact with many potentially harmful bacteria. . * A child should pay special attention to her armpits, face, genitals and feet,. Scrub under the fingernails and toenails to remove any debris. The outer ear and behind the ear should be gently cleansed as well. A child should learn to thoroughly dry his feet, especially between the toes where bacteria tends to collect, * The choice of whether to use a bath or a shower is very individual and each has its own benefits. * Bathing can be an excellent way of relaxing and enjoying some quiet time. Special substances and oils may be added to help relaxation or to improve the quality of our skin. * The steam created from a bath can help open the pores and loosen the dirt from the tiny glands of the skin, aiding in their removal. * If your body is heavily soiled for example after playing outdoors sports, it
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