Personal Identity: Bundle and Ego Theory

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My reading of the unity of consciousness states that the series of mental happenings and events are interconnected together simply by causal relation. The Unity of Life is the linked experiences of a person joint with their personality and ego. Also the Unity of life states that experiences are connected over time.
Between two theories, I believe that the Bundle theory works well based on describing Personal identity as a bundle of various thoughts, perceptions and a person’s state of mind. Parfit argued in the case of the Split-Brain case that the bundle theory can support both normal brains and split-brains cases. Whereas, the Ego Theory can only account for normal brains.
The Ego Theory explains the person and their continual existence over time, by describing the existence of an ego and focuses on different experiences throughout a person’s life. An ego theorist may believe that a person’s life can be defined by comprising experiences undergone by the same ego. In the Bundle Theory, people are a series of different states, events, thoughts, that unites through the actual experience and memories. Each of these series establishes a life that rejects the existence of a person to exist separately from one's body.
The Ego Theory explains the unity of a person life; the fact that all of the experiences in this life are by the same person. Ego theory is much…
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